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Motorcar Sites To Stuff The Page With

. The Jaguar Gallery exhibits the British premium tourer with flair.

. The classic Cadillac has been creating a higher standard for luxury lately.

. The Lexus redefines how you think of luxury.

. Audi is THE best car in the world.

. Beamers are really spiffy German driving vehicles...

. Infiniti is a sporty and posh machine, I have never been in one, but they sound impressive.

. We only dream of owning a car like the Ferrari.


. An exceptionally grand car, filled with wood and leather of the highest caliber: The Mercedes.

. Range Rover, the most prestigious, sophisticated, and highly refined 4 x 4 in the world.

. Porsche. There is no substitute.

Some Other Snazzy Pages...

. Learn about The CRAY (which is a very BIG colourful computer).

. Bike'alog is definately the place for you bikers out there.

. Buy all sorts of Lasers, these things are expensive..

. Want to know more about the incredible Hummingbird?

. Cool Word Of The Day it explains itself, also has a dictionary.

. If you can't tell what your juggling at night, try these Astro Juggling Balls.

Shur Fine Tasty Dessert Pages

. The Chocolate Lovers' Page.

. Snickerdoodles...now hear's a good cookie recipe.

. Recipe for Baklava, an exquisite Greek dessert delicacy.

Just Plain Cool Locations

. Morse Code

. Aussie Slang

. A Map of Anywhere

. Global Population Figures

Companies On The Web...

. The games from Dongleware are one of a kind.

. Music Boulevard has over 145,000 album titles......

. You've all heard of Macworld. Top software download page..

. Crutchfield car audio and home theatre products...free catalog!

. U.S. Cavalry, the world's finest military and adventure equipment....Free Catalog

I don't want to bore you with all the truly grand things in life so I will leave the rest of it for you to find... here's a nice search engine to get you started... WebCrawler (it's not as slow as it sounds either) And now, since you are probably sick of links, hear is more about me myself...

Hello I am Eli Morey, Esq. VII but of course you already knew that...We moved here to Littleton, Colorado in April. I was living on Cumberland Avenue in the Back Bay Towers, 10th floor in Portland, Maine USA. My dad and my brother and sister and me moved there from Mesa, Arizona to live for a year and there was a very much temperature difference. The weather in the mile high city is a lot nicer, with a whole 320 days of sunshine a year, more than Arizona. The Little Dry Creek runs through our backyard along with foxes, squirrels and various cats. Here in the Mile High City, the sun's UV rays are 1.22 times stronger than at sea level. I am fifteen years old and stuff. This year I am going to Arapahoe High School in the Class of 2000. And I am physically fit. I am not superstutious or anything like that. Also I have just recently acquired a State Of Colorado Driver Instuction Permit. If you would like a free Bang & Olufsen catalog, call 18003230378, and here's a list of all of their stores in the U.S. And notice my shirt from Washington D.C. where the Smithsonian Museums are. Those are really neat places, I went in some of them too. I even saw the Hope Diamond. I play Descent with anyone I am pretty good at it so watch out. Yours truly has also been to Kanosh, Utah and if you have tell me and you will be famouse. You can write myself mail too below click on the envelope. The jazz is dressed. And stuff. I like pool because its pure skill and the rocks make cool clacking noises. I sing in the Concert Choir and shootiing western family ranch type style varsity basketball hoop shots. My hobies is pushing big red buttons, preferably with lights, and travaling to distant nations of the world. I play ping pong, and I can juggle, after intensive training. I weigh about 122lbs. and I am 5' 6.5". I have tasted EZ-Cheese and hawaian popcorn. My favourite dessert is baklava, my favourite car is the Jag dude, and all that jazz. By now most of you probly know that I like popcorn and I am a professional popper myself. It doesnt realy sound like a profession and one might think its not but it is an art and you should try it sometime.. I also play the piano and the harmonica and ride a mountain bike. I enjoy to vacuum and mow. I am learning the Russian language it is rocking. I know David Shelley (Dave the Rave) aka The Davester, and his cool brother John. By the way we invented a game called Supreme Warfare with UNO cards one night with David. He are the rules. Have you ever wondered what the last four digets of your zip code are? Well the USPS has it for you. Oh I have two cats (in Arizona), click here to see the lazy cat, Champion, or see Charlie. The day after Mother's Day 1997, we got a kitten, and named it Megan. Ok if you want something else to do, go to something...it's just a practice page that I did, just for fun. I think I update this page once a week. Or longer.

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Go to my dad's page where it all starts... Lennox Morey


Here is one of my friend's page, you can go there too. Philip McCulloch

One awseome place I found was Switchboard, where you can look up anyone in the U.S. and get an address and phone number. Or use WhoWhere.

And now for something...not so ordinery....

'Twas brillig and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.

. Embassy Suites is the largest all-suite, upscale hotel chain in the country.

Vintage Pneumatics Corporation's BB machine gun can fire 900 projectiles per minute...

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