Kanosh, Utah

Kanosh, UT (town)
Population (1990): 386
Families (1990): 173
Location: 38.80463 N, 112.43825 W
Land Area: 1.563 sq. mi.
Elevation (approx): 4,990 ft
Average Temperature: 52.2°F
Zip Code: 84637
Map of Kanosh

Kanosh dates back to 28 April 1867 when Brigham Young, with the approval of Chief Kanosh, advised the pioneers to move from Petersburg, Utah to the area then know as the campground of the Pahvant Tribe of Indians. When this move took place (1867-1868) there were approximately 100 pioneers and 500 Native Americans living here. At that time the Chief and many of his tribe were baptized members of the Mormon church. Mortimer Wilson Warner, a local pioneer, is credited with having suggested that the town be named Kanosh in honor of the wise tribal chief.

. This is nineteen year old Lewis Hatton.

Jessie Hatton is my step-cousin once removed. .

. Jessie is scrieving in the Jag.

The mountain just south of Kanosh, called South Mountain. .

. Roger Whitaker occasionally tends to be part of the Hatton family.

Hauling hay isn't at all uncommon in Kanosh. .

. Main Street at around ten o'clock at night.

And that's all there is to say about that.